Last Updated June 18, 2011

Helen To

My name is Helen and I recently obtained my Bachelor of Architecture in June 2011. I’m also interested in other aspects of the building industry, which is why I also have three minors, in Architectural Engineering, City & Regional Planning, and Sustainable Environments. My resume is posted here if you want to know more about professional me. As for downtime me, my favorite things to do have always been reading and listening to music. ♥

I tend to prefer Young Adult and Fantasy books, but I’m open to all genres (recommendations, anyone?). If I had to recommend something right now, I would say everyone should read The Queen’s Thief series by Meghan Whalen Turner — it is awesome. As for music, I’m pretty much all over the board for that except for country. My music collection has a little bit of everything and I almost always listen to all my music on shuffle; people who hear my music like to tell me that I have very diverse selection, which I like to take as a complement. XP


I started this site because I wanted a home for my portfolio and I’ve always loved making websites. I purchased the domain from Tonic (in case you ever want a .to domain) for more money than I could really afford to spend back in March 2010 because I thought owning my name would be a good investment. (I still think it’s a good one, but it really did take me a long time to convince myself that it was worth it since it costs more than a typical domain… But that’s neither here nor there.) The site been on and offline since then (was working on it sporadically), but it hadn’t actually been acceptable enough until I cracked down and worked on it for a week straight after graduation.

Anyway, my portfolio is here and my blog is here. I’m not quite sure what I’ll be blogging about yet (or if I will even get around to it), but I have a feeling it’s going to be a little all over the place. Hopefully it’ll be interesting enough for you to want to read. =)


You can always contact me via the contact page or by sending me an email at helen@helen.to. I’m also on LinkedIn and on Twitter, among other places, so feel free to contact me there as well!

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